Whether it be a small office or a large headquarter, a Unified Communications System, also known as a Private Branch Exchange, PBX System or a PABX system is a necessity. A PBX’s role is to route calls for free within the internal network of communication using lines and stations. Besides the communicating internally, the PBX System is also responsible for connecting calls to and from external sources whether the channel be VoIP, ISDN or Analog. PBX Systems are also capable of providing features like being VoIP Ready, Voice Messaging, Mobility, Conferencing, Reporting, Call Transferring, Call Recording, Interactive Voice Menus (IVR), Call Queues and much more. Avaya, Panasonic, YeaLink, Grandstream, Matrix Telecom Solution and many more brands that manufacture the top PBX Systems are available here on store.techproglobalgroup.com

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